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Author of : Forever Dads

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As a psychotherapist, I would describe my approach to mental health as holistic, by that I mean working from a mind/body/spirit connection in order to find balance in your life. Additionally, my clinical orientation comes from a very practical perspective: my theoretical orientation is termed Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT): and its’ the only form of psychotherapy which has clear, empirical data to prove its effectiveness (measurable, positive outcomes). CBT focuses on your thoughts, how they impact your feelings and how your feelings affect your behaviors. In other words, how your thoughts lead to feelings and then your feelings to behaviors; and how those behaviors get put out into the world (either positively or negatively), and then often come back to you in a very similar fashion and intensity to which you manifested them. In other words, "what goes around comes around." And although recent research indicates that "positive thinking" does not work, what it has found is that not thinking negatively does! So I will work with you and your thought patterns and look at how they impact your feelings (mood) and actions (behaviors) in order to bring about more positive change in your life.

I say that I take a mind/body/spirit "approach" because as a licensed psychotherapist,I am trained to deal specifically with the mind only. However, like most of you, as someone’s medical patient myself, I understand the importance of the role that physical fitness plays in our mental health. Personally, I’m a regular gym goer and studies show that regular cardio-vascular exercise reduces incidences of both anxiety as well as depression. Exercise raises endorphins, which in turn, raise our mood and lower stress levels. Now, I’m not saying that I suggest you go to a gym (particularly without checking with your medical doctor first), but that some form of exercise (even walking) will aide you in your therapeutic process.

As far as "spirit", understanding what you put out into the world (getting back to your thoughts and feelings and what you are putting out there) and how it is returned, is in my thinking, where the spirituality part of the work comes in. I’m often asked how I personally define spirituality. To me, becoming more spiritual as a person is about becoming more human: letting your humanity towards others dictate your actions. Again, putting energy out into the world that you would like to come back to you. It’s as simple as that, it doesn’t have to include any traditional notions of spirituality or organized religion and my work would never delve into the specific religious denominations of my clients. My spiritual focus is more on how you are functioning as a human being in the world and looking at what thoughts, feelings and behaviors you are using as an expression of your humanity.

My Biography:

I’ve been licensed as a marriage & family therapist since 1996 and hold a doctoral degree in clinical psychology as well. I’ve held the mental health chair on one of the Los Angeles County Commissions, have been Board President of Being Alive, Los Angeles, served on the local Prevention Council; and have been a State Examiner for the CA Board Of Behavioral Sciences, which licenses Licensed Clinical Social Workers and Licensed Marriage & Family Therapists. I’ve published many articles and have had monthly columns in both national magazines: Genre and A&U. I oversaw HIV mental health at Tarzana Treatment Center, Southern California’s largest provider of Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services for nine years and have been in private practice for more than a decade.

My areas of specialty:

Individual Psychotherapy



(Straight as well as GLBT communities)


(Straight as well as GLBT couples)






Leather Community

Self-Defeating Patterns


Coming Out

Family Issues


Substance use/Misuse

Relationship Issues


Sexually Compulsive




Payment Information:

I’m a subcontracted provider with Aetna, Blue Cross, CIGNA, Magellan, Pacificare and United Behavioral Health (UBH). I will work with you with most other plans as well. Cash or checks accepted.

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